List of interviews:

‘Downtown ’81’

  • Interview with NYC artist Lee Quinones for 24 .

‘The Genius of Robert Wise’

 – Interview with J.R Jordan, author of ‘Robert Wise: The Motion Pictures’ for Video Librarian.

‘Sleight of Hand: The Magic of Deception’

  • Interview with magician, Christopher Howell, London, UK. 

‘Take A Stroll Through S. Parajanov Museum’ 

  • Interview with Anahit Mikayelyan of Sergei Parajanov Museum, Yerevan, Armenia. 

‘A Kurosawa Retrospective’  

  • Interview with Franck Lubet of La Cinémathéque De Toulouse, France. 

‘An International Tour With the Stanley Kubrick Exhibition’  

  • Interview with Tim Heptner of the Deutsche Filmmuseum, Frankfurt, Germany. 

‘At First Glance: A Second To Reflect On The Third Man’ 

  • Interview with Gerhard Strassgschwandtner of Dritte Mann Museum, Vienna, Austria. 

‘Jewels of the Czechoslovakian New Wave’

  •  Interview with Lukas von Subtitles.

‘Keeping The Light On For Alan Clarke’ 

  • Interview with Andy Kelleher, Director of ‘Alan Clarke: Out of His Own Light’.